Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Treacherous Miss Fonda

“I have learned to hate all traitors, and there is no disease that I spit on more than treachery.”— Aeschylus, 525-456 BC

I don’t know about you, but I’m with Aeschylus when it comes to the treacherous Miss Fonda.

On July 7, 2000 The Washington Times reported her feckless apology for being photographed on a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft carrier alongside Viet Cong soldiers.  The paper went on to report statements she made about communism. On November 21, 1970 she told a University of Michigan audience of some two thousand students, "If you understood what communism was, you would hope, you would pray on your knees that we would someday become communist." At Duke University in North Carolina she repeated what she had said in Michigan, adding "I, a socialist, think that we should strive toward a socialist society, all the way to communism.”

Let us also not forget her little friend, John Kerry, Democrat senator from the Commonwealth of Taxachusetts seen in the picture accompanying this post at an anti-Vietnam War rally on Labor Day at Valley Forge, PA forty-one years ago.

Why have I focused on events in this hag’s long ago past?  For starters she clings to the notion that QVC, a multinational corporation specializing in televised home shopping, “caved” to “insane pressure by some well-funded and organized political extremist groups.”
Quoting from her website, “Bottom line, this has gone on far too long, this spreading of lies about me! None of it is true. NONE OF IT! I love my country. I have never done anything to hurt my country or the men and women who have fought and continue to fight for us. I do not understand what the far right stands to gain by continuing with these myths. In this case, they denied a lot of people the chance to hear about a book that can help make life better, easier and more fulfilling. I am deeply grateful for all of the support I have been getting since this happened, including from my Vietnam Veterans friends.”
Her Twitter account proudly displays a mug shot of her with a raised, clenched fist in defiance of her arrest in November 1970 for allegedly trying to smuggle a large stash of pills through the Cleveland airport (charges were later dropped). Fonda, arriving from Canada, was detained by U.S. Customs agents after a large stash of diet pills, Valium, and tranquilizers was discovered in her luggage. Why would someone be proud of that Kodak moment?
Jane Fonda is a moonbat, a self-professed socialist and, in my humble opinion, a traitor.  She was deservedly nicknamed “Hanoi Jane” and by “support” she’s been getting from her Vietnam Veteran friends, does she mean Senator John Kerry?
In her 2006 autobiography, Fonda confessed that giving aid and comfort to the enemy will haunt her until the day she dies.  God will see to that, Jane.  QVC’s decision to cancel her appearance to promote her new book is a delightful way to keep the memory vivid in her mind.


  1. These two are like bad pennies - they are always turning up somewhere. Fonda has no clue to history and Kerry just invents his own.

  2. @Otis P. Driftwood,

    Well said, sir.


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