Monday, July 11, 2011

They Told Me If I voted For John McCain That We’d Have A President Who’d Turn Out To Be Like Jimmy Carter, And They Were Right!

I don’t sense that the battle for fiscal sanity being waged in Washington will end well. John Boehner, Speaker of the House said that he couldn't move ahead with a $4 trillion deal because the errand boy sent by grocery clerks was insisting on a $1 trillion tax increase.

Errand Boy is willing to cut current entitlements on the premise that they are unaffordable, but he's taken what may be the most expensive entitlement off the table—ObamaCare—his clowning achievement.

The Wall Street Journal proffers that this was his “spend-and-tax plan from the very first—run up spending and debt in the name of stimulus and health-care reform, then count on Wall Street bond holders and the political establishment to browbeat Republicans into paying for it all. He apparently didn't figure on the rise of the tea party, or 1.9% GDP growth and 9.2% unemployment two years after the recession ended.”

“Last November Republicans won the House and landslide gains in many states in large part because of the deep unpopularity of the stimulus and ObamaCare. Mr. Boehner has a mandate for spending cuts and repealing the Affordable Care Act. If Republicans instead agree to raise taxes in return for future spending cuts that may or may not happen, they will simply be the tax collectors for Mr. Obama's much expanded entitlement society.”

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