Sunday, July 3, 2011

Confucius Say Never Forget Kindnesses

I cannot imagine why a man who is currently deployed in Afghanistan and expecting a son—known to all in the dextrosphere as The World’s Youngest Blogger—would extend a kindness to this site.
Mark Twain’s words come to mind:  Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.
When I learned that Smitty was excited about Thad McCotter throwing his hat into the ring for 2012, I emailed him a Photoshop™ of McCotter alongside President Ronald Reagan.  I imagine McCotter as most similar to none of the Republicans who have thus far entered the fray against the errand boy sent by grocery clerks.
What followed was this Letter To An Anonymous Blogger:
Blogging is a rush, but you can’t have peaks without valleys. We are all members of the chorus of self-government. We succeed or fail insofar as we show up to work as Presidents of our own lives. The pressure to ‘compete’ is a bit of a distracter; you remain a welcome member of the chorus. More is better. We don’t all get the solo moment, but the whole of the chorus is far more important than whichever soloist is varying the theme of liberty at any given time.
It is a historical accident that the buck must stop somewhere. That is, admitting we require a President to accept the blame, or credit, for events is a sad existential expedience. The stuck-ee for being President after the election settles is less important than whether or not the person stands for Liberty.
But don’t spend all day reading me; get your doggone blog on, you Curmudgeon!

Warm regards,
His kindness is carved on my heart and I shall never forget what he has done.  Nor will I stop praying for his safe return home or stop thanking him for his service to our great nation.


  1. Smitty is a very nice fellow for sure. Glad to have found your little corner of the web. Great stuff you've got here. I'll add it to my twitter feed as well as the blogroll.

    Hope you have a great Independence Day weekend. ~ 'bot

  2. Thanks 'bot. Remember that when tin cans mix with fireworks, it makes a mell of hess!

    Thanks for stopping by a posting your comments.


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