Sunday, August 25, 2019

The Front Is Going To Fall Off This One Too

Joe Walsh, not the guitarist for The Eagles, but former Illinois Congressman Joe Walsh announced Sunday morning he will primary President Trump. 

Acknowledging he has very little chance of defeating the President in a GOP primary, he told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos he wanted to promote a different direction for the Republican Party.  He joins former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld who had earlier announced his challenge of President Trump.
The “intellectual architect” of the Iraq War and adviser to the McCain and Romney campaigns, Bill Kristol is behind this little charade.  Ever since President Trump’s inauguration Kristol has found himself on the unfamiliar periphery of the DC Beltway.

The de facto head of Never-Trump Inc., Kristol is foisting a very weak retail politician onto his “war” on Trump.  Rest assured Walsh is not the savior his Never Trump minions have been seeking.

This will be yet another failed attempt by “Cap’n” Bill.  He needs to get mugged by reality, climb down from his ivory tower and stop being such a g-d sore loser.

President Trump’s reelection campaign had a one-word response to Walsh’s announcement today:  “Whatever.”

Just like the now-defunct Weekly Standard and the cruise ship so many snooty GOP elites booked, Walsh’s bid is cruising to defeat and the front is going to fall off.

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