Saturday, May 25, 2019

Cheerio Old Girl!

Great Britain has been utterly humiliated as a nation by the disgraceful incompetence of Prime Minister Theresa May.

She became only the second female prime minister after David Cameron’s resignation in 2016 when Brexiteers voted to seek independence from the stranglehold of the European Union. 

All of May’s efforts were entangled in one compromise after another.  It was as if she refused to comprehend that her Brexit plans would placate absolutely no one.  Brexit meant Brexit.  Her stubbornness became a debilitating liability and her party let her know enough was enough.

May’s Conservative Party has been accused of being “liars and everything they’ve said is rubbish.”

Exploiting a widespread sense of disillusionment, the Brexit Party has staged a series of upbeat rallies around the UK, pumping out this patriotic message: “We believe in Britain! Our great country deserves better!”  Its sole aim is to finalize Britain’s divorce from the EU.

As a candidate in 2016, President Trump became friendly with Nigel Farage, a prominent Brexit proponent who emerged from Britain’s political far right and now heads the new Brexit Party. After Trump was elected, he suggested that Farage, already a thorn in May’s side, be named as London’s ambassador to Washington — a suggestion May’s government politely rebuffed.

Speculation has swirled for some time that Britain’s intelligence agency, Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), helped the Obama Administration spy on the President’s 2016 presidential campaign in what was code-named Operation Crossfire.
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