Monday, February 4, 2019

Was That A Nachos-Fueled Dream Sequence?

I haven’t watched an NFL football game since the kneelers started disrespecting the American flag during the playing of the National Anthem but decided to watch the Super Bowl Sunday night.  Talk about a mind-numbingly dull game.  The score was tied 3-3 at halftime.

Sheer boredom caused me to nod off only to awaken to what seemed to me to be a nachos-fueled dream sequence featuring Maroon 5 and some rapper named Big Boi during the halftime show.

Adam Levin took off his jacket and tossed it into the crowd and summarily went shirtless revealing a torso more marked up than a section of kitchen linoleum.  
The Pepsi Halftime Show gave viewers a close look at the cultural sewers of America.  What the show needed was more Governor Ralph Northam moonwalking. 

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