Friday, February 8, 2019

Innocent Life Vs. The Party Of Infanticide

Babies are being killed because some adults think life is a game.

Last week, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, openly expressed the Democrat position on abortion:  there is no obligation to protect the life of a child who was indecorous enough to survive an abortion when she was obviously not “wanted”.  In other words, the right to an abortion is the right to an “effective abortion” or a dead child.
The premise of the Born-Alive Infants’ Protection Act of 2002 was if a child survived an abortion it had the same claim as any other human being to the protection of the law.

The problem back then was President Bill Clinton was set to veto the bill if the civil and criminal penalties were not stripped from it because defenders of abortion like the National Organization for Women vehemently opposed efforts to protect any child born alive.

If a child born alive is nothing less than a human child with a claim to protection by the law, how is it different from the same child five minutes, five days or five months earlier?

The right to abortion, proclaimed in Roe v. Wade, extended through the entire pregnancy and possibly gave the license to kill the child after birth.

The bill became impossible to enforce and nurses began telling stories of babies surviving late-term abortions being put in rooms to die without any care; without even a blanket.  Sometimes they are killed by lethal injection, asphyxiation or by breaking their spine.

The infanticidal horrors exposed during the murder trial of Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell and others like the notorious LeRoy Carhart operate throughout this country with impunity.  Carhart was caught on tape explaining he injects the poison Digoxin into the baby’s heart prior to inducing labor.  The poison kills the baby and “softens” the body like “meat in a crock pot” and is more easily “delivered”.

The Gosnell trial gave impetus to lawmakers in the U.S. House of Representatives to return to the original bill and restore the civil and criminal penalties.  The bill was decisively passed in September 2015 with a vote of 248-177 and again in January 2018 with a vote of 241-183.

Every Republican supported the bill.  Every. Single. One.
Sen. Murray (D-WA) argued the legislation is not necessary because there are already laws on the books that prohibit infanticide. 

“This is a gross misinterpretation of the actual language of the bill that is being asked to be considered and, therefore, I object,” said Murray.

After her objection, Republican Sen. Joni Ernst of Iowa lamented that the Senate “can no longer unanimously condemn murder.” 
Abortion portrays a child as an intrusion. The time to choose whether a woman is ready to receive the greatest gift of all is before conception not after.

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