Wednesday, October 3, 2018

NLDS: Atlanta Braves Vs LA Dodgers

Finally! The long, dry spell for devout Braves fans is over. Atlanta will face the LA Dodgers at Chavez Ravine Thursday night.

The Atlanta Braves are headed back to the postseason for the first time since 2013.

The news of the day comes at you at such a furious pace it’s a little like drinking from a fire hose and for that reason I am looking forward to tuning in to watch my beloved Bravos and wash away the dreck of the day.

Every Sports Illustrated “expert”, save one, is predicting the Dodgers will emerge victorious over Atlanta.  That may well be the case, but that will not dampen my hope they could be very wrong.

The Braves might be the best in late-game situations. Their three game-winning homers are tied for most in the bigs with the Cards. Over the last two seasons, they’ve scored 37% of their runs in the 7th inning or later. They've scored 100 runs in the seventh inning or later this year, the most in the National League, while hitting a league-best .262 and posting a majors-best .351 on-base percentage in late situations.

It’s been a long time since America’s Team won an unprecedented 14 consecutive division titles.  Dodgers right fielder Yasiel Puig boasted when LA clinched the NL West Division, “Hey, Atlanta, I’ll see you soon baby! And the next one─Chicago, Colorado, no matter who’s going─we’re gonna beat it.  And we’re going to the World Series again.  And this time, we’re going to win the World Series.”

I know some fellas who would like nothing better than to make Puig eat those words.

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