Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Hey, Stefan! Look! I am Fighter Pilot! Brrrrrrrrp .... Oh Shit!

$19.8 million up in smoke.

Two mechanics were working on F-16's at a Belgian air force base approximately 60 miles outside Brussels. Somehow a 20mm Gatling gun was fired, destroying another nearby F-16. How in the wide, wide world of aircraft maintenance does a fighter jet fire it's weapons while turned off and parked on the tarmac?

Allegedly a weapons safety system called "weight-on-wheels" is supposed to prevent such an accident while the aircraft's landing wheels are down and the weight of the jet is resting upon them.

I am wondering if the mechanic was named Mohammad.

A Belgian mechanic destroyed a multi-million pound fighter jet after he accidentally fired a Vulcan cannon while carrying out repairs at an air force base.
The £15m plane quickly caught fired and exploded, according to Belgian broadcaster RTL. The mechanic was working with a colleague on two F-16s in a hangar near the control tower.
It is understood that the third jet, which they inadvertently destroyed after firing the cannon, was just out of their line of sight.

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