Friday, August 10, 2018

Boston Globe Calls For War Of Words Against President Trump

According to The Associated Press, the Deputy Managing Editor of the editorial page of The Boston Globe, Marjorie Pritchard, is coordinating a response to President Trump’s “rhetoric” regarding the news media.

The Globe has reached out to editorial boards nationwide to write and publish editorials on Aug. 16 denouncing what the newspaper called a "dirty war against the free press."

As of Friday, Pritchard said about 70 outlets had committed to editorials so far, with the list expected to grow. The publications ranged from large metropolitan dailies, such as the Houston Chronicle, Minneapolis Star Tribune, Miami Herald and Denver Post, to small weekly papers with circulations as low as 4,000.

Pritchard suggested editorial boards take a common stand against Trump's words regardless of their politics, or whether they generally editorialized in support of or in opposition to the President's policies.

Pritchard said she hoped the editorials would make an impression on Americans.

"I hope it would educate readers to realize that an attack on the First Amendment is unacceptable," she said. "We are a free and independent press, it is one of the most sacred principles enshrined in the Constitution."

Oh, honey.  It will make an impression.  Studies conducted by the Pew Research Center, Media Research Center and the liberal Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy show coverage of President Trump is overwhelmingly negative. That’s not surprising, given that other surveys show that the vast majority of reporters, editors and commentators hold liberal political views.

These failing newspapers think Trump can’t possibly win a fight with the people who buy ink by the barrel and paper by the roll.

Trump drives them bonkers with his contempt of them and is an enormous threat to their liberal world view. He is actually governing in a mostly conservative manner by cutting taxes and reducing regulations, appointing conservative judges and breaking with tradition in foreign affairs. So, not only do the media hate his personality, they hate his governance. They are near hysteria.
NOTE FROM OUR ATTORNEY:  The front page depicted above is no more dishonest than the paper itself.  At least we didn’t hire a woman named Patricia Smith who lied about people and made up quotations which forced her to resign. Nor did we employ a disgraced Globe columnist, Mike Barnicle (now with MSNBC) who plagiarized a George Carlin book and made up false tear-jerker stories about two children hospitalized with cancer.
In 2004, the Globe apologized for printing graphic photographs that the article represented as showing U.S. soldiers raping Iraqi women during the Iraq War. The photos had already been found by other news organizations to be from an internet pornography site.

The paper was also forced to retract a story describing the events of a seal hunt near Halifax, Nova Scotia that took place on April 12, 2005. Written by freelancer Barbara Stewart, a former New York Times staffer, the article described the specific number of boats involved in the hunt and graphically described the killing of seals and the protests that accompanied it.  Extreme weather delayed the hunt which had no yet taken place proving the details of the story were a lie.

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