Friday, July 20, 2018

The Profession That Opened Up The Gates Of Hell

The American Psychiatric Association is honor bound to completely destroy the sexual mores in America. Soon there will be no sexually deviant act that will not meet with their approval. In 1974 the APA gave the nod to homosexuals and - surprise, surprise - a few years later the AIDS epidemic rocked the world. The cause? Homosexual promiscuity. Five years ago the APA decided that it was time for a repeat performance, perhaps leading to a hat trick for perverts, and they redefined the disgusted proclivity to have sex with children.
In a move toward destigmatizing pedophilia, the American Psychiatric Association (APA) in its updated Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), distinguishes between pedophiles who desire sex with children, and those who act on those desires.
The former group — those who want to have sex with children but whose desires are not distressing or harmful to themselves or others — is no longer classified as having a psychiatric condition in the updated DSM. “The difference [from the last edition of the DSM] is, you’re not automatically saying that as soon as someone has a marked, unusual erotic interest that they have a mental disorder,” said Ray Blanchard, who cowrote the chapter on sexual disorders in the new DSM.
The change in the DSM, a kind of Bible among medical professionals, lawmakers, and drug and insurance companies, doesn’t just apply to pedophilia, but to several other deviant sexual desires listed in the manual. It represents “a subtle but crucial difference that makes it possible for an individual to engage in consensual atypical sexual behavior without inappropriately being labeled with a mental disorder,” explains the APA in its DSM-5 Paraphilic Disorders Fact Sheet.
As corrupt politicians are drawn to the lush hunting grounds of out nation's capital, so those with corrupt sexual drives seem to be drawn into the field of psychiatry.

The North American Man Boy Love Association has been pushing this perverted agenda for years. In fact, there is movement afoot, particularly in England, that sex with children does them no harm and that the age of consent should be lowered greatly, perhaps as low as 12 or even lower.

This campaign to legitimize pedophilia is straight out of the bowels of Hell.

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