Friday, June 29, 2018

“Stock Up On Abortions”

Wednesday’s announcement that Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy would retire effective July 31, 2018 from the U.S. Supreme Court was cataclysmic for liberals; many of whom are desperately in need of intensive inpatient psychotherapy.

Kennedy’s announcement comes at a politically fractured time.

MSNBC’s host of Hardball, Chris Matthews, provided the most belligerent media reaction saying, “I don’t think the Democrats should allow even meetings to occur with Trump’s nominee to fill this vacancy.  If he gets replaced by a hardline social conservative the Democratic leadership will have hell to pay.  They cannot let this happen.  If they don’t use everything they’ve got─if they don’t play hardball─I think they’re through.”

Michael Ian Black, a purported comedian and author of a book on masculinity that Caitlyn Jenner is eminently more qualified to write, tweeted this following Kennedy’s announcement:
Some random feminist hag, claiming in her Twitter bio to be an actor, tweeted her sadz:
And then there’s Dan Rather─the legendary CBS newsman who in 2004 used forgeries to tip a presidential election in favor of the Democrats.  The disgraced newsman took to Facebook to post this screed:

“I know there is a feeling among many progressives that they have lost, that the future is a foregone conclusion.  They see the forces arrayed against them on the battlefield of justice and feel the doom of certain and impending defeat.  But turn to your left and right and see the long lines of fellow citizens.  Look behind you and see the formidable artillery of wealth and power that is on YOUR side.  Take a deep breath and feel the cool air of hope and justice in your lungs and then march forward.”

The division in this country emanates from those who hate America’s people, history, culture and institutions; most especially our Constitution.  Why?  Because it hampers their goal of total control or as The World’s Most Dangerous Community Organizer notably said, to “fundamentally transform America.”

The Left was cocksure the judicial activism they created─a world in which many of their most lasting achievements were brought about not by congressional votes but by court decisions─would continue unabated.

As Justice Kennedy’s departure and the consequent panic of the Democrats remind us, those who live by the courts, die by the courts.  Their weapon of choice against the forgotten men and women of this country will be their undoing.

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