Monday, June 25, 2018

Oh Canada!

I love Canada, especially Ontario. Used to go up there fishing on my old BMW motorcycle. Saw "Phantom of the Opera" in Toronto at the Pantages Theater. Very nice country and simply wonderful, polite people. Well, except for Montreal...

Problem is, Canada is run by liberal idiots who do not appreciate the overwhelming influence of the economic juggernaut known as the USA. Their soy boy Prime Minister Trudeau and their equally incompetent trade minister Chrystia Freeland are about to ruin the Canadian economy by picking a fight with President Trump over tariffs.

Canada cannot win this fight. Canada will lose bigly.

The following is an informative video on what Trudeau and Co. have biten off.  Professor Ian Lee makes the observation that Canada is a pee wee hockey player challenging a NHL professional.  It will not end well for Canada.

Is it me or does Prof. Ian Lee remind you of actor Tom Wilkinson?

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