Sunday, May 6, 2018

Resurrecting A Trusty Meme To Make A Point

On Thursday, May 3, the Peacuck Network (NBC) made a colossal error in its reporting.
Tom Winter, whose bio on Twitter states he is an NBC “investigations reporter” focusing on police, courts, corruption, cyber security and counterterrorism, reported at 12:59 PM the wiretapping of President Trump’s longtime personal attorney Michael Cohen.
The supposed “bombshell” sent the cockroaches at other cable news networks into overdrive repeating the same lie.
NBC attributed its original story to two anonymous sources with knowledge of the legal proceedings against Cohen. Winter said the sources have a track record of providing reliable information.
When three unidentified senior US officials disputed the story, saying the phones were monitored by a pen register which keeps a log of phone numbers on both ends of the conversation but does not hear the audio, NBC scurried to issue a correction online at 5:27 PM followed by an on-air correction with “Sleepy Eyes” Chuck Todd on MSNBC’s “Meet the Press Daily”.
It was smart not to let disgraced liar, Brian Williams, anywhere near the “correction” given his propensity for adroit lies such as being shot down by RPG fire in Iraq, meeting Pope John Paul, being embedded with Navy Seal Team 6, being in Berlin on the day the wall came down and his encounters of suicide, floating bodies, armed gangs and dysentery during Hurricane Katrina.

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