Friday, May 11, 2018

Capture Of 5 “Most Wanted” ISIS Leaders Deemed Not Newsworthy By Fake News Outlets

Marian Kamensky, editorial cartoonist for the Swiss magazine Nebelspalter and the German magazine Eulenspiegel, responded to the January, 2015 Charlie Hebdo massacre with this cartoon of a Charlie Hebdo Mohammed literally bathing in blood

President Trump returned to the White House on Thursday around 4:30 AM after greeting three American citizens at Joint AFB Andrews who had been held by North Korea and three hours later tweeted that five of the “Most Wanted” ISIS leaders had been captured by U.S. and coalition forces.
During the run-up to the general election of November 2016, President Trump repeatedly blamed the rise of ISIS on Obama and then-Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton saying, “The Obama/Clinton foreign policy has unleashed ISIS, destabilized the Middle East, and put the nation of Iran, which chants ‘Death to America,’ in a dominant position of regional power and, in fact, is aspiring to be a dominant world power. In the 20th Century, the United States has defeated Fascism, Nazism and Communism. Now a different threat challenges our world: radical Islamic terrorism. We cannot let this evil continue, nor can we let the hateful ideology of radical Islam, it’s oppression of women, gays, children and non-believers be allowed to reside or spread within our own countries.” 
In May of 2017, Secretary of State James Mattis declared, “[President Trump] directed a tactical shift from shoving ISIS out of safe locations in an attrition fight to surrounding the enemy in their strongholds so we can annihilate ISIS.”
Mattis continued, “Our intention is that the foreign fighters do not survive the fight to return home to North Africa, to Europe, to America, to Asia, to Africa, we are not going to allow them to do so. We are going to stop them there and take apart the Caliphate.”
Any reasonable person who has followed the barbaric trail of blood and gore of radical Islam since 9/11 would be grateful to know an elaborate intelligence operation by Iraq and the US had apprehended these savage animals.
Newbusters reported, “Depending on which of the major network news outlets you watch, you may not have heard about the captured leaders. CBS Evening News was the only member of the big three networks to even mention it that evening.
All three networks on Friday morning found time for the gossipy, unverified report that Donald Trump yelled at Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen. But NBC and ABC are still ignoring the news that five top ISIS leaders have been captured in Iraq and 40 more were killed in an air strik

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