Saturday, March 24, 2018

SU Ousted From The Elite Eight By Duke

SU lost to Duke last night. I was hoping for an upset but Charles Barkley had the game pegged right from the pre-show. SU needed to score. And they did so, leading for 11 minutes of the first half. Still, it was a  close, hard-fought game and SU was lucky to make it that far considering they were the last team selected to participate in this year's NCAA tournament.

I am a Syracuse University alumnus, class of '71, and also a former SU employee. The school has changed dramatically since I was a freshman (gender separated dorms, girls' dorms had bed checks to make sure they were tucked away safe and of course we had panty raids on female residences, standing outside screaming for nasty underwear - all this while in loco parentis was the University's policy. Of course that didn't last very long.

But one thing has remained the same...Jim Boeheim and SU basketball.

Fred Lewis (1962-1968) was the SU roundball coach when I first attended; he was followed by Roy Danforth (1968-1976) under whom Boeheim was an assistant. Boeheim took the reins in 1976 and has been the coach ever since.

Boeheim is one of the most successful coaches in the NCAA and watching him and his good friend Coach K during this game was a treat.

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