Friday, March 2, 2018

Now That’s Disturbing

Last week during Milan Fashion Week, the major fashion houses presented their Fall/Winter 2018 collections.  One designer’s collection stood out above all the rest.
Gucci’s Alessandro Michele was flying his/her freak flag with runway models reimagined as cyborgs that questioned identity as a social construct; the last and extreme sign of a mongrel society under constant transformation.
Iowahawk took note declaring, “It’s craft show time at the Kentucky State Hospital for the Criminally Insane.”
From a reimagined operating room, the runway models were expressionless, pale and frightening.  Two of them apparently were presenting the ISIS part of Gucci’s collection as they carried the disembodied heads of themselves.
Seeing what the fashion world has morphed into leaves me with an unappeased yearning for the good old days when men were masculine and women were not ashamed of graciousness and inner beauty.  Nothing depicts more lucidly how social engineering and diversity have gone haywire.

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