Sunday, March 11, 2018

Here’s My 2018 NCAA Brackets

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The odds of picking a perfect bracket in the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament are so minute that mathematicians can’t agree on the actual estimation of the odds.
Some believe the odds are 1 in 9.2 quintillion. Picking all 63 games, excluding the First Four, is next to impossible. Last year, the NCAA said more than 99% of all brackets were busted by the end of the First Round.
It’s easier to become an astronaut:  1-3 in 600
Odds of finding a four-leaf clover:  1 in 10,000
Why bother then?  Well, it’s fun to join your “crew” at the local watering hole to see who’s brackets get busted first and then buy a round for everybody.
The camaraderie of friends seated around a table laden with platters of wings and pitchers of beer makes watching roundball fun─for one shining moment, it’s all on the line.

UPDATE:  My brackets are already busted.  Texas Southern defeated North Carolina Central 64-46.  Dang!

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