Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Is The Foundation Of A Year-long Temper Tantrum Starting To Show Signs Of Crumbling?

I think I can safely assume you’re familiar with the Op-Ed columnist for The New York Times who appears regularly as a commentator on PBS NewsHour, NPR’s All Things Considered and NBC’s Meet The Press.
David Brooks has just penned a column entitled, "The Decline of Anti-Trumpism” in which he reckons opponents of President Trump are becoming “insular and dumber”.
“The anti-Trump movement, of which I’m a proud member, seems to be getting dumber. It seems to be settling into a smug, fairy tale version of reality that filters out discordant information. More anti-Trumpers seem to be telling themselves a “Madness of King George” narrative: Trump is a semiliterate madman surrounded by sycophants who are morally, intellectually and psychologically inferior to people like us.”
Brooks’ column very possibly places him in the precarious position of having his #Never Trump membership card revoked.  And here’s why:
“The modern lowbrow (think Sean Hannity or Dinesh D’Souza) ignores normal journalistic or intellectual standards. He creates a style of communication that doesn’t make you think more; it makes you think and notice less. He offers a steady diet of affirmation, focuses on simple topics that require little background information, and gets viewers addicted to daily doses of righteous contempt and delicious vindication.”
“We anti-Trumpers have our lowbrowism, too, mostly on late-night TV. But anti-Trump lowbrowism burst into full bloom with the Wolff book.”
Wolff’s “Fire and Fury” tome is a caricature─a mixture of fantasy and exaggeration.  If we were honest with ourselves we would be compelled to admit President Trump was naïve and uninitiated at the time he took the Oath of Office on January 20, 2017. Since that day he has been a quick study and battled the Beltway denizens of the DC swamp with unparalleled ferocity.  Republicans have taken note and are finally beginning to fight back against Clinton, Inc. and all the minions of the press and the DNC.
The President’s temperament is more clear-eyed than his supposed betters regarding the direction in which our beloved nation should be headed.  His leadership is a quantum-leap ahead of the snobbish feebleness of the previous administration and of his vanquished opponent.
No matter what President Trump does or says, there will be someone from The Resistance or a Never-Trumper who will label him a facist or worse.  It’s up to us, the modern lowbrow, to fight alongside him.  That is why the 2018 midterm elections will play a pivotal role in assuring the success of his lofty goals and setting right a languishing, yet proud, America.

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