Saturday, December 16, 2017

DC Goes All Mad Max: Beltway Bureaucrat Going Prepper

As Director of the Office of Government Ethics, Walter Shaub clashed with President Trump on a number of issues before resigning in July 2017.  He obviously was an Obama Administration holdover.  
When the president announced his plan to place his business interests in a trust controlled by his sons Donald Jr. and Eric, Shaub carped he did not sufficiently distance himself from his family’s business operations.  There was no corroborating evidence for his absurd claim.  None.
Days after he left his federal government job at OGE he became Senior Director at Campaign Legal Center.  He believes the ethics regulations for lawmakers should be stronger.  The problem, however, is his notion of “stronger” seems applicable only to Republicans in general and President Trump in particular.
We didn’t hear anything from this tub of lard who hasn’t burned a single calorie since 1991 until Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) appeared on CNN’s “New Day” when he told Chris Cuomo “I call on my Republican colleagues to join me in the firing of Bob Mueller.”  He believes the special counsel investigating the Trump campaign needs to “put up or shut up.”  Gaetz, a member of the House Judiciary Committee, has introduced a resolution to remove Mueller based on the belief the ongoing investigation has been tainted.
On Friday, our man Walter took to Twitter to say, “Make a plan folks.  Be ready to take to the street.  This is an attack on our Republic.”
“The coordinated effort by President Trump and his surrogates to discredit the Mueller investigation raises serious alarms,” said Shaub in a statement on Friday. “Rather than making themselves complicit in this assault on the rule of law, Members of Congress should send a clear message to the President that firing Mueller is a red line he must not cross.”
Not satisfied to just post those comments on the Campaign Legal Center’s website, Lumpy escalated the narrative on Twitter writing, “This weekend I’m stocking up on portable phone chargers, warm clothes, & gear needed for when we take the streets. I’m concerned the assault on the rule of law is coming over the holidays when we’re distracted. It‘ll be a defining moment for the Republic.”  He also alerted his followers he had just registered to join an event to say Nobody Is Above the Law,  a group associated with George Soros’
There will be immediate protests in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and France in response to what the group calls a “constitutional crisis for our country” in the event Mueller is fired.
Looks like Lumpy is going all prepper on us.  He’s preparing for an apocalypse, yet he faints when he climbs the stairs.  I bet his bunker is filled floor to ceiling with ten tons of chocolate and an 18-wheeler’s worth of Twinkies.
His tweet drew some blowback prompting him to respond, “This tweet apparently triggered the tiki torch crowd. My theory is people with violent tendencies will hear violence in the language of peaceful protest. But you literally have to agree to the policy of nonviolence and complying with all law enforcement orders to sign up, so...”

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