Thursday, December 28, 2017

CNN Has Yet Another Meltdown

ABC reported, “Bitter cold temperatures are sweeping through the Midwest and Northeast as New York City braces for its coldest New Year's Eve since the 1960s.”
CNN declared, “Forget the tux and the little black dress for New Year's Eve. This year you may want to bust out your parka and a hat with earflaps.
AccuWeather insisted, “While a powerful nor'easter is not anticipated, a storm will bring enough snow to make roads slippery and coat the landscape in parts of the Northeast with fresh snow before New Year's Eve. A storm from Montana producing feet of snow will race eastward in the frigid air now entrenched in the northeastern United States.”
I’m not really trying to replace your local meteorological man/woman/sisgender/inter-sexed person.  These gender-pronouned beings are the professionals and President Trump has sent them into a tizzy.
Every time the President says “squirrel” every news outlet with thin-skinned Trumpaphobic reporters scurries up the nearest tree in hot pursuit.  They have a zero sense of humor.
UPDATE:  I noticed Ace over at Ace of Spades HQ opined, “CNN is immune to the freezing cold because only their hate keeps them warm.  Well, just two things:  their hate, their permanent, quivering outrage.  Just three things then:  their hate, their permanent, quivering outrage and their pink pussy hats.  Okay, just four things keep them warm:  their hate, their permanent, quivering outrage, their pink pussy hates and rousing recitations of poetry by #SassyJimAcosta.
Someone who goes by the handle “JackStraw” commented, “On a happy note, Anderson Cooper will be freezing his nut sack off on New Year’s Eve doing a show nobody will watch.” 

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