Friday, October 6, 2017

Alabama Crimson Tide Vs Texas A&M Aggies: We Meet Again Darth Saban

The Aggies of Texas A&M are hoping for a spark of yesteryear to bolster them by commemorating the 50th anniversary of their 1967 Southwest Conference Championship under Head Coach Gene Stallings.  It was Stallings’ only winning season at A&M.
Stallings suffered a serious heart attack last weekend and was transferred to Baylor University Medical Center where a stent was placed in his heart and is expected to make a full recovery.  I always liked Coach Stallings and I wish him a speedy recovery.  It would be wonderful if he were able to attend the game where he is being honored, but his family has indicated his health will prevent it.
While Kyle Stadium’s end zones have been painted with “1967”, apparently the $400 million renovation created a memorable bathroom incident last Saturday.  The stadium ran out of water forcing fans to leave the stadium to use the facilities at nearby buildings.  Watch your liquid refreshment intake folks!
Last year some A&M students decided to drape a banner over their frat house which read “Kristen Saban’s Private Suite”.  She is the married daughter of Coach Saban.  The newspaper reporting the story speculated the Bama coach was probably “unaware” of the banner.  The Tide proceeded to whip the Aggies 33-14.
We heard from Vanderbilt that they “wanted” Bama and promised to show The Tide how SEC football is played.  The boys from Tuscaloosa spanked ‘em 59-0.  The next week Ole Miss decided to get rid of their sideline mascot Rebel Bear and replace him with a landshark.  And just like the SNL skits of old the “landshark” was pure comedy ushering in an embarrassing 66-3 drubbing.
After Week 5’s CFB games had all been played, ESPN decided to put the Clemson Tigers ahead of Bama in the Power Rankings.
Look out, Aggies.  Alabama is going to be totes motivated to throttle you.  Mind you, A&M has never beaten The Tide in College Station. Bama owns the series history 7-2.  Remember when the Aggies blew a 34-point lead in 18 minutes against UCLA?  It was the Bruins’ biggest comeback in school history.
The ESPN Matchup Predictor gives the Boys from Tuscaloosa a 93.4% chance of winning.  There’s a clever video produced by Cuppycup, the Managing Editor of GoodBullHunting, the community blog for the Aggies on SB Nation revealing the fear in the heart of the 12th manand with good reason.

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