Thursday, September 21, 2017

Hillary Terrified Of The Way Someone Sits

If you don’t watch “The Late Show” on CBS you missed a news nugget.
On Tuesday night Hillary appeared with Stephen Colbert and, wonder of wonders, she took her turn in the spotlight to criticize the manner in which Russian President Vladimir Putin sits. He has a habit of “manspreading”. 
Misogyny and sexism are just two of a myriad of reasons Granny Clinton blames for her stunning election loss.  Honestly, she’s on a quest to prove discrimination where none exists.  Hillary lost because of who she is─a habitual, incorrigible liar.
At least the hag just got “manspreading” from Putin.  German Chancellor Angela Merkel not only got the “manspreading” shtick but also had to endure Putin allowing his female Labrador “Connie” in the room.  He reportedly smirked as the dog approached Merkel knowing she has a fear of dogs ever since being attacked by one.
I’ll tell you what terrifies me:  Hillary’s “fatspreading”.
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