Thursday, September 14, 2017

At This Point, What Difference Does It Make?

In her new book “What Happened”, Hillary compared herself to, of all people, Cersei Lannister from Game of Thrones.
The Ice Cube In Heels notes she was treated by the crowds at her opponent’s rallies the same way the residents of the fictional Westeros did towards disgraced ruler Cersei Lannister during her ignoble walk of shame.
If the twice-failed presidential candidate sought to elicit sympathy for being hideously shamed she picked one hell of an absurd comparison.  The Mad Queen and the Hag Queen are sickeningly analogous in their cruelty.
Cersei’s brother Tyrion warned, “A day will come when you think you are safe and happy and your joy will turn to ashes in your mouth.”
Clinton lost a race few thought possible and is now the Queen of Ashes.  Taking fantasy into real life, Jon Snow’s words to Cersei in the Dragonpit in Season 7 are noteworthy: “When enough people make false promises words stop meaning anything and then there are no more answers only better and better lies.”  Benghazi. Email server. Vince Foster. Pay-to-play. Clinton Foundation.
David Remnick, writing for The New Yorker:
“The wounds that the new book opens are not just Clinton’s. A few nights before meeting with her, I was at dinner with a political professional who worked on her 2008 campaign. I mentioned that I was going to interview Clinton, and sought his advice about what I should ask. He put down his fork and scowled. ‘Ask her why she blew the biggest slam dunk in the history of fucking American politics!’ he said. A few diners at adjacent tables looked up. ‘Oh, and ask her if she is going to donate the millions of dollars she’s gonna make on this book to charity. Ask her: Why should you profit from this disaster?’ There was more of this.”
“On the day I was to see Clinton, I read an article in Politico headlined “Democrats Dread Hillary’s Book Tour.” Unnamed ‘alums’ from her Brooklyn campaign headquarters told the reporters that the promotion of ‘What Happened was ‘the final torture.’  Others joked about how many stops she’d make in Wisconsin in her campaign to sell books. A top Democratic donor said that Clinton ‘should just zip it, but she’s not going to.’ Senator Claire McCaskill, a Democrat from Missouri, was asked about the book; she replied, ‘Beg your pardon?’ and walked away. Her colleague from Oregon, Ron Wyden, said, ‘I’ve always been a looking-forward kind of guy. I think I’ll leave it at that.’”

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