Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Is The Deep State Now The Real State?

Like so many other Americans I was excited to see Donald Trump win the 2016 Presidential Election. What stuck in my mind was his "You'd be in jail" remark to Hillary Clinton during one of the debates.

I have yet to see this attitude come to fruition in his administration. Indeed, Trump's Executive Orders have eliminated much of the Obama legacy of failure, but Judicial Watch still struggles to wrest emails from the State Department and IRS. Nothing seems to be moving in the DoJ except Russia, Russia, Russia. Of course open criminal investigations should remain secret until an arrest(s) is made but given the sieve-like environment that plagues the White House, you'd think you would hear something.

As Public Enemy #1, the corrupt mass media cannot be trusted to bring light to any of the Obama/Clinton/Soros crimes and until official government action is brought to bear on these activities, the perpetrators will remain free to wreck political havoc on the Trump administration.

The American Thinker has a piece that clearly articulates my concerns.
Has the Deep State really won? I hope my pessimism is unfounded and short-lived. And perhaps Bannon can be more effective from the outside, if rumors are true that he plans to build a media network (Breitbart or otherwise) to replace the increasingly liberal Fox News as the voice of Conservatism. After all, when God closes a door, he opens a window, right? Maybe a window will open from which we can toss the Deep State.
There are certain predators that will use parts of their bodies to lure their prey to them - then they strike. Is Trump doing the same thing? We'll see.

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