Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Nothing Is Proven Yet

After news of an email chain between Donald Trump Jr. and a British go-between was disclosed by The New York Times, viewers on CNN were told this is the long-awaited “smoking gun” on Trump/Russia collusion.
Trump Jr. was told by a business acquaintance that a Russian lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya, had information implicating Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee in illegal foreign campaign contributions from Russia.
Jonathan Turley writing for The Hill believes President Trump’s eldest son “fell for a classic bait-and-switch.  Veselnitskaya was representing people seeking to lift the adoption ban and it was certainly amateur hour in Trump Tower.  If this is the best the Russians can do as their big play, we have little to worry about.”
“It is common for foreign governments to withhold or take actions to influence elections in other countries. Information is often shared through various channels during elections from lobbyists, non-government organizations, and government officials. This includes former Clinton aide Alexandra Chalupa, who allegedly worked with Ukrainian government officials and journalists to come up with dirt on Trump and Manafort,” Turley continued.
The game the media is playing is dangerous.  It is effective.  If you keep your attention on the news of the day, it is easy to become disillusioned, disappointed and even depressed.  This is what journos want.
Donald Trump has defiled the office of the President of the United States!  He must resign!  We must impeach.  We must resist!
Charles Hurt (whom I love) opined in his piece in The Washington Times, “The Clintons would NEVER search for dirt against a political opponent.  Just ask Bernie Sanders, Vince Foster or Barack Obama.  Or Monica Lewinsky!  And if they ever did accidentally stumble upon the dirt of an opponent, the Clintons would be TOTALLY forthcoming about it when asked about it. It is the Clinton way. Just ask Ken Starr.  And, famously, President Obama would never stoop so low as to allow the world’s most powerful espionage apparatus to spy on his political opponents—except for all the times he did. In the past year. That we know about.”
The pull quote from Hurt’s piece is worth remembering from this point forward:
“This whole hyperventilating media drive-by investigation is nothing more than pure hysteria, the phantom pain from having lost everything—when you were so, so certain that you would win everything.”
The American people are wise to the game being played. Their trust in the legacy media, an arm of the DNC, has been lost and likely will never be regained.

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