Friday, January 13, 2017

Today In Hillary News

Yesterday, from the East Room of the White House, The World’s Most Dangerous Community Organizer bestowed the Presidential Medal of Freedom on Uncle Choo Choo.

It seems the presentation which was made with an additional level of distinction for the first time since President Stompyfoot’s predecessors gave it to Pope John Paul II, President Ronald Reagan and Gen. Colin Powell was more for Biden’s personal tragedythe loss of his son Beau to cancerthan anything else.

The nation's highest civilian honor is supposed to be presented to individuals who have made especially meritorious contributions to the security or national interests of the United States, to world peace, or to cultural or other significant public or private endeavors.

Perhaps some leeway could be given if we take into account Uncle Goofball was forced to put up with a president who climbed Mount Ego every day for 8 years.  Joe did less than Hillary but he did it without getting anybody killed.  So there’s that.

These pontificating, perfumed tin pot dictators love congratulating each other.

Will Bo and Sunny, the Obama pooches, get a medal for Best in Show?  No, wait.  That one’s reserved for the First Wookiee.

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