Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Laura Ingraham May Challenge Tim Kaine For His Senate Seat In Virginia

Something that’s been tumbling around the Internet for a while now seems to have gained enough steam that today on Fox & Friends, conservative radio talk show host Laura Ingraham stated she is eyeing a senate run against Hillary’s crutch Tim Kaine in 2018.

The UVA Law School grad, former attorney and Reagan speechwriter said she's been flattered by several "well-connected" people in Virginia asking her to be a candidate.
Ed Morrissey of Hot Air noted, “It’s not difficult to understand why party leaders in Virginia would want Ingraham in the race. She’s sharp, well attuned to the state’s politics, and most importantly a well-known conservative whose personality would provide an immediate contrast to the current, somewhat-less-than-exciting incumbent. Unlike others who might get drafted into that position through the normal bench in Virginia, Kaine won’t overshadow Ingraham in a straight-up fight.”

“Ingraham is to be taken seriously. It certainly would make the Virginia Senate race a national affair, and that alone would help Republicans in a midterm fight if they can manage to accomplish the biggest parts of their agenda up front in 2017. It certainly won’t be dull. At least, not on the Republican side,” added Morrissey.

The Republican primary could be crowded. Both Barbara Comstock and Dave Brat are considering a bid, and Brat has already been singled out by Kaine as a top challenger. And there are reports that former Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina, a 2010 California Senate candidate, also wants to run in Virginia.

Comstock was sworn in to the 115th Congress on January 3rd marking her second term representing the people of Virginia’s 10th Congressional District.

Brat is most known for toppling then-House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in a 2014 primary.  Cantor arrogantly assumed he had the Speaker of the House position locked up when John Boehner retired.  Boehner, you’ll recall was replaced by Paul Ryan.

Few people did more than Ingraham and Mark Levin to propel Brat from obscurity to national conservative hero.  According to Ingraham the [Republican] party leadership “needed a jolt.” Cantor was not seen as “conservative enough”.   

At a huge event held at the Dominion Club, a tennis and golf club not far from Cantor’s home outside Richmond, Ingraham asked the crowd, “Who do you think Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi want to win this primary? Why do they want Eric Cantor to win?  They want Eric Cantor to win because Eric Cantor is an ally in the fight for immigration amnesty.”

I suspect Tim Kaine possesses an exaggerated sense of self-importance much like Cantor did; perhaps more.

If Laura Ingraham does light the fuse on her candidacy, Kaine had better polish his circus act by not being an over-caffeinated, overtly rude attack dog.  His memorization of a laundry list of blatant lies and catchy zingers ain’t gonna cut it.  Ms. Ingraham wrote the book on zingers.  Of Thee I Zing

CNN conducted a poll immediately following the Vice Presidential Debate. Political Director, David Chalian, admitted the makeup of those polled was skewed more Democrat.  The results showed 67% thought Mike Pence performed better than expected and 43% believed Kaine performed worse than expected.  The Russians could not be reached for comment.

I like the sound of “Senator Ingraham” don’t you? 

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