Friday, November 4, 2016

Hi Yo Silver! Weiner Checks Into Witness Relocation Program

Anthony Weiner is supposed to be without his cellphone at a “secluded sex recovery ranch” in Tennessee which caters to “addled well-heeled” clientele according to The New York Post.
After plunking down a cool $25,000 for the 35-day program, according to online reviews, the disgraced dad still has to make his own meals and clean up after himself.

Participants get daily group therapy. In addition to riding a horse at least once a week, they also get plenty of other physical activity such as rope-climbing, zip-lining, hiking and canoeing, as well has having access to a gym.

***Last night Weiner felt a burning sensation while urinating. Never has anyone switched faster from the Samsung Galaxy to the iPhone.
NOTE FROM OUR ATTORNEY:  The last paragraph is purely fiction.  It was the excuse I needed to create the above Photoshop™.

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