Tuesday, June 21, 2016

When The Shift Hit The Fan

As someone who originally eyed Scott Walker, Ben Carson or Carly Fiorina at the beginning of primary season only to see them kicked to the curb by voters, I have kept my powder dry until now.

I do not want that sack of Russet potatoes with earrings to be our next president.  No way.  No how.  Period.

Yesterday, everyone who was anyone seemed to pounce on the news that Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski had been fired.

Lewandowski had been “feuding” with Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort since he joined the Trump campaign in early April and most notably with Campaign Spokeswoman Hope Hicks during a public screaming match in plain view of passersby on 61st Street near Park Avenue in Manhattan.

Team Trump has struggled to pivot to the general election.  He must shift his appeal beyond the millions of faithful whose votes got him the GOP nomination.

He has seen his polling drop from nearly tied with Clinton to trailing by nearly six points and his campaign is cash poor compared to the millions the Clinton machine has on hand to destroy him in the general election.

Devastating unforced errors from his attack on federal judge Gonzalo Curiel’s Mexican ancestry to his response to the Orlando nightclub shooting has many souring on his candidacy.

It was Trump’s children though who got his ear and convinced him to let Lewandowski go.  Ivanka told her father that either “he goes or she goes.”

“Ivanka was threatening to distance herself from the campaign if Donald didn’t get rid of him,” a source said. “Ivanka has been trying to get rid of Corey for months.”  Trump’s son Donald Jr. later admitted he and his siblings played a role in getting their father to toss Lewandowski overboard.
If reports that Lewandowski wasn’t getting along with RNC members and GOP officials is true then, perhaps, the much-needed pivot will change the headwinds the campaign has been facing of late.
It’s no coincidence that Shark Week begins next Sunday and the biggest shark of them all is that sack of Russet potatoes with earrings.  Fight dammit,  Fight.  Get a bigger boat.  Win this damned election.

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