Monday, June 27, 2016

One Of These Is Not Like The Other

The Washington Post went out of its way on Friday to portray presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump as “awkward and tone-deaf” in response to Britain’s populace voting in the EU Referendum, known as BREXIT, to leave the European Union.
You may well remember when Mitt Romney spoke out against Trump back in March thoroughly trashing the then-candidate for president.  So, it should come as no surprise that Kevin Madden, a veteran GOP operative who advised Romney during his utterly failed bid for the presidency in 2012 chimed in, “This is an opportunity to showcase yourself as a world leader and as a potential commander-in-chief.  So when the images being seen back home are at a golf course, that’s a missed opportunity.”
Chief Policy Adviser for the Sack Of Russet Potatoes With Earrings, Jake Sullivan, called Trump’s Scottish news conference a “spectacle” that should worry voters.  Sullivan added Trump “put his golf course interests ahead of US interests and failed to understand that American households could be hurt by the BREXIT vote.  Donald Trump has consistently shown disregard for our friends and allies across the world and talked about a weaker, less confident America.  Donald Trump proves again he is temperamentally unfit for the job.”
Oh really?

The decision by The World’s Most Dangerous Community Organizer to follow the moment of national grief over James Foley’s beheading by retreating to the golf course 7 minutes after his statement, allowing himself to be photographed laughing and having a good time with his cronies, rubbed even partisan Democrats the wrong way.

The outrage expressed by so many is patently absurd and infuriating to me.
WaPo writers Jenna Johnson and Jose A. DelReal must have despised having to report the presence at Turnberry of Mike Ross who was wearing a Trump t-shirt with the message, “Donald Trump Making Ayrshire Great Again,” referring to the Scottish region where Trump opened his golf course and hotel.
“I like him.  I like the way he’s changing politics and the stuffy political correctness.  He’s breaking all of the protocols.  The leave vote was part of that.  People are fed up,” Ross said. 

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