Thursday, March 3, 2016

The Wolves At Hillary’s Door

At 8:20 PM last night The Washington Post broke the story that the Justice Department is granting immunity from prosecution to Bryan Pagliano.  Pagliano isn’t a nobody.  He was a Clinton staffer during her 2008 presidential campaign, installed and maintained her now-infamous private email server and, who a scant six months ago, pled the Fifth while appearing before Chairman Trey Gowdy’s House Select Committee on Benghazi.

He has just been granted immunity by the government as the necessary step to obtain his testimony on the subject of whether Clinton’s State Department email traffic created a security violation or involved offenses.

WaPo reported that Clinton personally paid Pagliano to maintain her private email server, but he failed to list the outside income in the required personal financial disclosures he filed each year.  The attorney for Pagliano declined to comment.

With the advent of this revelation, a spokesman for the Clinton campaign said they were “pleased” to learn of Pagliano’s involvement.  Sure they are.  That statement might be convincing to the lemmings on the left, but anyone else sees the irony in that statement.

It was Clinton herself who called the FBI investigation a “security review” when, in fact, it was a full-on criminal investigation of “wrongdoing”.  FBI agents have poured over electronic timestamps on classified sources to clarify whether Clinton aides reviewed the sources and then retyped the information into emails that were sent or forwarded to the former Secretary of State’s private server.

Clinton is likely to be asked to be interviewed directly by the FBI in the coming months.

Hillary Clinton set out ten months ago to inspire and energize her party, but buried beneath all that is the fact that one in five people believe that she is “dishonest” or a “liar”.

The falloff in Democratic primary turnout—which often reveals whether a candidate is exciting voters and attracting them to the polls—reached deep into some of the core groups of voters Clinton must not only win in November, but turn out in large numbers. It stands in sharp contrast to the flood of energized new voters showing up at the polls to vote for the GOP’s front-runner.

Judge Andrew Napolitano, a former New Jersey Superior Court Judge and constitutional law professor at Brooklyn Law School, opined in The Washington Times:
“The relentless barrage of bad legal news for Mrs. Clinton, which has been relegated to below-the-fold stories because of the primary news position of the presidential primary contests, must keep her and her lawyers up late at night. While her husband has been arguing with military veterans at her political rallies and while Marco Rubio and Donald Trump have been mocking each other’s body parts, a series of curious developments has occurred in the Clinton email scandal.”
“It is fair to call this a scandal because it consists of the public revelation of the private and probably criminal misdeeds of the nation’s chief diplomat during President Obama’s first term in office.  Mrs. Clinton’s job as secretary of state was to keep secrets. Instead, she exposed them to friend and foe. The exposure of state secrets, either intentionally or negligently, constitutes the crime of espionage. For the Secretary of State to have committed espionage is, quite simply, scandalous.”

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