Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Rise And Fall Of Marco Rubio

The age of the zeppelin died on a rainy day at Lakehurst, NJ nearly eighty years ago.  Airships like the Hindenburg were widely considered the future of air travel, but the spectacular and highly publicized disaster proved to be the death knell for this mode of air travel.

On April 13, 2015, Rubio announced that he would run for president with the enthusiastic campaign slogan “A New American Century”.  Rubio often touted that he and he alone was the only candidate capable of beating Hillary Clinton in the general election.

The establishment’s landslide choice to win the GOP nomination no longer seems capable of even finishing in second place.  After Iowa, Sen. Rubio promised his supporters he would rocket to the nomination on the strength of his 3-2-1 strategy.  

The “Future of the Republican Party” has been humiliated repeatedly in every contest save Minnesota.

Insulting the front-runner with juvenile broadsides about wetting his pants or suggesting he was poorly endowed just didn’t cut the mustard with Republican voters and now he’s been cornered into betting his political future on a first place finish in Florida.
On the eve of “Super Saturday” CNN reported, “Ted Cruz is going for the kill shot.”
“Cruz's aides and allies are preparing an aggressive effort to keep Marco Rubio from winning his home state of Florida on March 15, a blow they hope would render Rubio's path to the GOP nomination unimaginable and force him to withdraw.” 
“A Rubio loss, Cruz's orbit believes, would then set up the two-man race with Donald Trump they believe they are destined for—and absolutely need—to win.” 
"’Florida's a burning dumpster fire for Marco Rubio,’ said Cruz spokesman Ron Nehring. ‘If he doesn't win his own state, it's hard to rationalize going forward.’"
Rubio’s campaign is over.  The senator still has time to salvage a political career, but that won’t be the case if he hangs around long enough to be embarrassed by Cruz or Trump in his home state of Florida.

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