Friday, December 18, 2015

Last Minute Staff Christmas Party Theme Change

Forget Star Wars...

We're going with J. K. Rowling!

We know you enjoyed the J.J. Abrams Star Wars phenomenon you saw this morning, Curmudgeon.  And, er, we know this is your site and all...but me and Proof got together and decided to overrule your preference for squirrels in Darth Vader masks and space cantina cocktails for the annual staff Christmas party today.  It's just that, we identify a little more with the J.K. Rowling Harry Potter prequel that's coming out in 2016.  Let's face it.  Star Wars has just about exhausted its quota of prequels.  Let's give Mrs. Rowling a chance!  Besides, we see more potential for party awesomeness with her title!  We're working on the cocktail list now.  So far, we have Knob Creek Bourbon, Slippery Nipple Shots, Bombay Boobalicious Bombs, Hendricks Headlight Martinis and Jameson Jello Jigglers.  Can't wait for tonight!  Merry Christmas, all!

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