Thursday, December 24, 2015

Dear Hearts And Gentle People

There have been countless adaptations of the Charles Dickens novella A Christmas Carol, but my favorite is the animated Disney retelling of the miserly Ebenezer Scrooge whose bitterness and venom kept him from knowing the true meaning of Christmas.

Through his journey of self-redemption as he’s visited by mysterious Christmas apparitions he became a good friend and a good man who honored Christmas in his heart and tried to keep it all the year.

I wish to thank Proof who began blogging here two years ago and Grunt of Monte Cristo who joined our merry band of bloggers just last month for their support.  I’d also like to thank blogger friends Woodsterman and Diogenes for their love.  

A special thanks goes to all our readers and commenters as well.  You're the reason we labor to bring you content and stand guard over liberty.  May God’s blessings shine down upon you and your family this Christmas.  May you feel joy in your homes as we celebrate the birth of our little Lord Jesus.  May His shining Star mark your way.

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