Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Dafuq Are All These Obama Cabinet Flunkies Climatedoggling In Paris On Our Dime???

The Washington Free Beacon was kind enough to tally up how much our President’s motorcade, ALONE, cost us when he went to Paris to gloat about how much he was going to financially rape his citizens for no reason.  Turns out, it’s a lot.
But what got me steamed, while going through the itemized costs for all the officials, is the number of useless administration officials who got to go, for no good reason other than to boondoggle a sweet trip to Paris at our expense.  Maybe it’s Barack’s idea of fun, flipping us the bird right before he puts us on the hook for a bazillion dollars of graft commitments that we cannot pay and that cannot possibly do anything of positive substance.
And the most outrageous attendee?  I’d say John Koskinen, who is a criminal who should be in federal prison right now, whose limo service alone cost us $5400, but whose overall trip expenditures, billed to us, probably hit seven figures.  Thanks, Barack!

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