Thursday, December 31, 2015

CFB Semi-Final Playoff: Alabama Crimson Tide Vs Michigan State Spartans

No. 2 Alabama is a 10-point favorite over No. 3 Michigan State in tonight’s Goodyear Cotton Bowl, the nightcap of the College Football Playoff doubleheader on ESPN.

Some dude named Stewart Mandel, a college football writer for Fox Sports, seems to have gotten his knickers in a wad because “the powers that be at the playoff kowtowed to the Rose and Sugar Bowls and exiled the semifinals to New Year’s Eve.”

He even took to his Twitter account asking his followers if their plans for New Year’s Eve would keep them from watching one or both of the semi-final games being played today.  The results were less than compelling.  Of the 5,443 people who responded, 35% said their plans would indeed interfere with watching the game.  I have to say that there are enough people out there who have the ability to simultaneously ring in the New Year and watch their beloved team on TV.  Some are even lucky enough to make the trip to Arlington, TX and Miami to see the game in person. 

When the BCS was ditched and replaced with the CFB, the Rose Bowl and Sugar Bpwl were essentially kicked to the curb.  Let them have their little “tradition”.

As a rabid Alabama Crimson Tide fan, I can think of no better way to ring in the New Year than by watching my beloved Bama boys take on the Spartans of Michigan State.  I get that the Rose Bowl, dubbed the “Granddaddy of them all”, has a 100-year-old tradition complete with a parade before the game.  I have no problem with the Rose and Sugar Bowls retaining their “place of honor” on New Year’s Day.

Not everybody wants to dress up and go out to ring in the New Year.  Like many others, we here at Casa de Curmudgeon, have planned a yuuuuuuge college football party replete with decorations that just ooze Bama Nation team spirit, all the traditional “tailgate” food and drink and three widescreen TVs so that everybody can watch the game in comfort.  Celebrating beating Michigan State while ringing in 2016 with friends is most excellent if you ask me.

The dynasty at Alabama is not dead and tonight Bama is going to prove it.  There’s no need to quote stats or repeat what Coach Saban or Coach Dantonio said in their press conferences this week.  What matters is the heart and courage of the team that wants to win a national championship the most.

Alabama has the best defense in the country and 15 national championships in its storied history.  The Tide has reached the BCS Championship game or a CFB playoff semifinal five times in seven seasons.  That is the epitome of dominance.

I disagree with those who claim Michigan State advanced to the semi-finals solely due to a flagging Ohio State.

All four teams—Clemson, Oklahoma, Michigan State and Alabama—fought bloody battles during the regular season and deserve the pedestal upon which they have been placed.


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