Monday, December 14, 2015

Annual Staff Christmas Party at Political Clown Parade

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Last Year's Party
Just a housekeeping note: The annual staff Christmas party at Political Clown Parade will be held this Friday, the 18th, between the hours of noon and five. 

Attire is formal (pants), and an RSVP would be appreciated. (Randy Squirrels Violate Panthers) Curmudgeon's attempt to cook a turkey will be open casket. Viewing begins at one. Mickey D is close enough for those of us with weak stomachs. 

The "Big C" is offering her traditional Christmas bonus, which with 50 cents, is rumored to get you a cup of coffee! Grunt and I will be there around ten to finish off the decorations. That's right, I said "finish off". 

The jolly bearded man will appear around 4:30 with a sack full of wonderful things. If I can only get the sack to my car before Curmudgeon sees it this year, I'll be a happy man! For those of you unable to attend, send presents. 

Oh, and Merry Christmas!

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