Friday, November 13, 2015

Alabama Crimson Tide Vs Mississippi State Bulldogs

Earlier this week the oddsmakers were giving Bama a 6-point advantage over the Mississippi State Bulldogs.  By Thursday they had them as an 8-point favorite.

Last Sunday the AP Top 25 Poll had the Crimson Tide moving up four slots from No. 7 to No. 3 and then on Tuesday the College Football Playoff Selection Committee came out with their Week 10 rankings moving the Tide up from No. 4 to No. 2 ahead of Ohio State and Baylor.  The Bama faithful are ecstatic.

When LSU came to Tuscaloosa last week I was as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.  I was sure the LSU Tigers would give my Bama boys a fit.  I cannot describe the euphoria I felt over the impressive way in which they dominated the boys from Baton Rouge.

Saturday at 3:30 PM ET, CBS will carry the game from Davis Wade Stadium, the home of the eternally annoying cowbell-clanging crowd.

The Bulldogs have lost 7 straight games to Alabama.  Alabama owns the series history between the two schools:  79-17-3.  The Tide is just three games away from returning to the College Football Playoffs.

I’m not foolish enough to believe the game against “Hail State” will be a walk in the park.  A victory over Mississippi State is anything but a given. Those boys and their rabid fans are going to fight like a house afire.  It’s a matter of pride and intense yearning to knock Bama out of the CFB.

I read an interesting take on the game from Rodger Sherman over at SB Nation.  He picks game winners based on their mascots.  Sherman wrote:

“Look, I've already established many times that most animals would be helpless against the Tide, especially a more-or-less hopeless animal like a bulldog. Bulldogs have no chance against—wait, what’s that?”  Then he presents an embedded video of Tillman the Surfing Dog.  “Hell yeah!” he writes.  “It’s a surfing bulldog.  WOOO.  The Bulldogs have conquered the Tide.  They’re unstoppable.”

What ‘ol Rodger fails to mention is Tillman’s owner says he likes to “wipeout” in the surf.  That sounds prophetic to me.

Sophie The Wonderdog doesn’t care what the sportswriters say and she sure as hell doesn’t care what Rodger Sherman has to say.  She’s not the least bit worried about a “Dak Attack.”  She knows Bama is going to put another W in the books and she will get a “cookie” when our powerful pachyderms do.  That’s how she rolls. 


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