Friday, November 6, 2015

Alabama Crimson Tide Vs LSU Tigers

The weather guys in Alabama are forecasting 100% precipitation, 86% humidity and winds up to 11 MPH for the battle at Bryant-Denny Stadium.  Big hairy deal.  Remember the Rain Bowl against the Dawgs of Jawja?  A little rain and mud ain’t nothin’.

Kickoff is 8:00 PM ET.  The game will air on CBS.

No. 7 Alabama is going to put eleven warriors on the field against the No. 4 boys from Baton Rouge and no matter what the stats or series history says about the game, it’s the heart and courage, sweat and blood of the players that will determine the final outcome.  Both teams will leave everything they have on the field.

Ordinarily, I would be trash-talkin’ the opponent.  This is no ordinary game.  You see, my blogging sister Diogenes, is a dyed-in-wool LSU fan and a dear friend.  We made a deal, a wager if you will, a couple of years back that the loser would contribute to Wounded Warrior Project.  Somehow doing something wonderful for our brave service members reduces the sting of a loss.

Saturday night one war horse will bask in the glory of the victory; the other will languish in disappointment.

Diogenes, I love ya gurl, but I gotta say:


If you’d like to join us in supporting our wounded warriors, click here to give a one-time donation or here if you’d like to participate in the WWP Advanced Guard monthly giving program.

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