Saturday, October 31, 2015

One Guy Going “Boom”, One Guy Going “Whack” And One Guy Not Getting In The End Zone

Explaining the pure delights of a football Saturday in the South to anyone who has not enjoyed them may be impossibleit’s like trying to describe the ocean to a blind manthe dynamism of the fans, their passion for their team, the electricity in the stadium.  For sixty minutes, people from across religious, geographic and political divides can come together and celebrate what former Head Coach John Madden described as “one guy going boom, one guy going whack and one guy not getting in the end zone.”

Today my beloved Crimson Tide will not take the field.  It’s their bye week.  Another team, the LSU Tigers, will also stay at home.  But next week the two will clash in Tuscaloosa.

All season long my friend Diogenes, who bleeds purple and gold, put up blog posts about her boys from Baton Rouge.  She boldly predicted the outcome of each game and always had something positive to say about my Bama boys.

With each of her postings I would enter a comment including a graphic of a ferocious Bengal tiger intimidating the hapless mascot of the opposing team and when the game was over would post another graphic of the vanquished loser.  She would do the same here as well as offer her spirited support for the Crimson Tide adding “Roll Tide Roll”.

It has been big fun for me.  During this bye week neither of us will be able to show our support for the other’s team.  Next week, however, the “truce” will end as Alabama and LSU do battle for a college football playoff berth. 

Just so I don’t go through withdrawal I’ll be rooting for Auburn to whip Ole Miss’ ass, the Gamecocks to tear into the Aggies, UT-Martin to barbecue some Hogs, the Dawgs to maul the Gators, the Vols to skin the Wildcats and the Owls of Temple to crush the Irish.

UPDATE:   Ole Miss easily handled Auburn 27-19, Texas A&M defeated South Carolina 35-28, Arkansas whipped UT-Martin 63-28, Florida had its way with Georgia 27-3, Tennessee trounced Kentucky 52-21 and the Irish plucked the Temple Owls 24-20.  

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