Sunday, May 31, 2015

He Can’t Even Negotiate A Curve

Secretary of State Kerry, 71, had left Sunday morning open in case talks with the nuclear-weapons-hungry Iranians were extended. They weren’t and “Ketchup Boy” decided to dress up in his little Lycra® outfit and cycle a route that had been part of the Tour de France. 

He climbed upon his elitist bicycle that he brings with him as he globetrots the world.  According to Agence France-Presse, he was riding at a low speed at the start of a challenging climb up the Col de la Colombière and, just like that, he fall-down-go-boom.

He managed to sustain a broken femur on the same leg he had hip replacement surgery on in 2009.  It could take up to six months for him to heal.  Conspiratorially speaking, just enough time for the Iranians to get their nukes.  Wait, I just remembered…Marie Harf, State Department Valley Girl was recently promoted to Senior Advisor for Strategic Communications.  The negotiations will continue apace.
Streif at Red State saliently opined, “Like Kerry, Obama’s foreign policy hit a curb, the Middle East, while going at a very slow speed for no particular purpose; it got dumped on its ass, and is now on the way to the hospital.”

“Regardless of how one feels about the politics and performance of the unmanly, bloviating, seemingly inbred Secretary of State, people of good faith can probably agree to wish him a speedy recovery. Just as we can all hope Obama’s foreign policy is euthanized before it kills more people and does more harm.” 

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