Thursday, April 9, 2015

Appalling Rag Silent On Guilty Verdict Of Their “Dreamy Jihad Cover Boy”

Checking the Rolling Stone website you won’t find a peep.  Same for their Twitter feed.
While there are those who oppose the death penalty, those same people should refrain from taking that stance in the case of Dzokhar Tsarnaev.  The same sense of resolve and justice the jury employed when they found him guilty on all 30 charges should be the benchmark as they deliberate the death penalty phase of his trial.
Tsarnaev is a baby killer.
Bill Richard sat on the witness stand 10 feet away from the man who murdered his 8-year-old son Martin.  According to a published report, Richard spoke with remarkable composure testifying, "I saw my son alive, barely, for the last time.  I saw a little boy who had been severely damaged by an explosion. I just knew, from what I saw, that there was no chance." 
He made a choice to leave his dying son’s side to help his daughter who still had a chance of survival.  He picked her up noticing her leg.  “She didn’t have it.  It was blown off.”
Mr. Richard shielded his son Henry’s eyes from the gore and boarded the ambulance with his injured daughter and traumatized son.  Moments later, his wife called to tell him his son Martin was dead.  “I know,” he said.

According to The Boston Globe, Tsarnaev looked away from the witness stand. He watched the images of the carnage on video monitors and saw the photo of Richard struggling to lift a barricade off his wife and children.

Richard still suffers hearing loss, but he showed a steely resolve on the witness stand. "I can still hear you," he told the prosecutor. "And I can still hear the beautiful voices of my family."

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