Sunday, December 7, 2014

Carolina Panthers Vs New Orleans Saints

The 3-8-1 Panthers visit the 5-7 Saints at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome today.  Kickoff is 1:00 PM ET.  The stinkfest airs on Fox.

If today’s game goes anything like the last matchup between these two teams, the mangy, angry kitties can forget about the playoffs.  I know I already have.

I’m still on such a high after my beloved Bama won the SEC Championship yesterday that watching the Panthers play today would be utterly laughable.  I will instead turn my attention to what I hope will prove to be real games:  Seahawks Vs Eagles, Bills Vs Broncos, and Packers Vs Falcons.

I still can’t believe the Panthers paid ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS for a big weenie like QB Cam Newton.

The only thing that will salvage this football post is some pom-poms.  Please enjoy Top Cat Megan.

UPDATE:  I didn’t watch the game.  I said it would be a stinkfest.  Even though the Panthers did win in a blowout against the Saints, from what I’ve seen on Vine, it was still a stinkfest.  If your QB sucks as bad as Newton does why would you taunt your opponent with an obnoxious “celebration” and a lame ass “Superman” pose?  Newton ain’t no Superman, but his ego is super-irritating.

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