Saturday, March 8, 2014

Terminating With Extreme Prejudice The Doctrine Of Drift, Decline And Defeatism

“Conservatives must remember the policies and victories of Ronald Reagan. We can and must replace the Obama-Clinton-Kerry-Biden Doctrine of drift, decline and defeatism with a Reaganite foreign policy. That is the key to success this November and in 2016, and that is the key to ensuring America’s freedom and security in the years ahead,” said former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton, on the opening day of this year’s CPAC.

Saturday we will learn the final results of the CPAC Straw Poll.  CPAC attendees are rejecting the Republican establishment and its brand of Big Government "me-too-ism" in favor of candidates who are authentic representatives of the grassroots conservative base of the Party.

The results of the first poll give Rand Paul 29%, Ted Cruz 17%, Ben Carson, Marco Rubio and Chris Christie 10%, Scott Walker 7%, Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush and Rick Santorum 2%, and Mike Pence (1%)

Note: Sarah Palin and Bobby Jindal did not receive enough votes to remain on the leader board.

The GOP has a deep roster of potential presidential candidates.  The table below provides you with the current list and the non-viability I see in their candidacy.  I welcome your opinion.  If it differs from mine, I’d love to discuss them openly with you.  We’re all in this together—standing guard over liberty.

Kelly Ayotte
Her alliance with McCain and Graham
Scott Brown
Lied about his swearing-in ceremony RE:  Obamacare legislation
Jeb Bush
Bush family name a distracter
Ben Carson
Chris Christie
Bridgegate scandal, Obama Super Storm Sandy bear hug
Ted Cruz
Nikki Haley
Participated in Mark Sanford fundraiser
Mike Huckabee
“Open borders policy,  ordered administration hard drives destroyed before leaving office, “Criminal Coddling” scandal, Wayne Dumond parole scandal
Jon Huntsman
Supports cap and trade, believes in global warming, once called Obama “a remarkable leader”
Bobby Jindal
50% job disapproval by voters in Louisiana, do not favor his run for the presidency
John Kasich
Ohioans are not on board with a Kasich run for president
Peter King
Said Rand Paul was “part of the Hate America crowd and doesn’t deserve to be a U.S. Senator.”  He also targeted Ted Cruz
Bob McDonnell
Currently battling federal corruption charges
Susana Martinez
Political novice on the national stage
Sarah Palin
Still trying to build political capital, may never receive the support she deserves following her betrayal by John McCain
Rand Paul
Rick Perry
May not be able to overcome his “oops” gaffe in 2012 debate or the unfortunate “boys will be boys” remark when U.S. soldiers reportedly were discovered to have urinated on the corpse of a Taliban fighter in Afghanistan
Marco Rubio
Obama used him like a cheap hooker on Immigration Reform bill, he got his 30 pieces of silver
Paul Ryan
The Ryan-Murray “budget deal” makes outrageous cuts in pension benefits to wounded and disabled veterans, essentially robbing them
Rick Santorum
He hit his ceiling in 2012, prone to tapping into angry resentments
Tim Scott
Political novice on the national stage
John Thune
Lacks extensive out-of-state focus
Donald Trump
Scott Walker
I believe he is dedicated to finishing what he started in Wisconsin

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