Monday, January 13, 2014

My Mom Haz A Sad

Hi, I’m Sophie.  I’m the furkid my mom often mentions in her blog posts.  She’s still busy cleaning up after the party she threw for the “big” game between the Carolina Panthers and those mean ‘ol 49ers from some place called San Francisco.

It’s a good thing the plates were made of paper because as mad sad as she is she might have broken real plates.

She was rooting for the Colts to beat the Pats.  That was a no-go and she picked the Saints to whip the Seahawks.  That didn’t work out so well either.  Today’s game between the Panthers and the Niners was disappointing.

She’s so pissed sad she can’t bring herself to write about the game so while she’s distracted vacuuming up the tidbits that fell on the floor, some of which I was able to sample, I thought I’d let you know what she thought of the game.

Roy, the nice man who lives across the street and looks after her whenever she needs help with stuff laughed his ass off when Ahmad Brooks made a fool of himself when he was juussssst a wee bit early on a blitz and was flagged for being offsides.

Later in the game, Jim Harbaugh acted like an idiot, or so my mom’s “work husband” Keith said when he stormed onto the field after a Vernon Davis TD.  He was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct.  You could see him spinning like a top on the sideline.

After that game, the partiers were watching the Chargers play the Broncos.  Keith had a sad because they lost, but my mom was secretly pulling for the Broncos.

Now that the dust has settled, I saw where the Seahawks have banned Californians from purchasing tickets to the game next Sunday with the Niners.  I’m just a dog, but damn, that’s lame even to me.

The reason I posted this and not my mom is because maybe this way Proof and Odie and Stogie won't rag on her too much over the “angry kitties” losing to them.  They probably still will, but hey, I tried to prevent it.

I'm pretty sure my mom will be rooting real hard for the Seahawks Sunday.

Go Seahawks!

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