Tuesday, January 14, 2014

HRC: An Ordered Array Of Political Enemies And Scores To Settle

Hillary Rodham Clinton is famous for being the most publicly humiliated woman, wife and First Lady in the history of the world.  The length and breadth of that humiliation was epic. 

The Clinton years were some of the most corrupt in this nation’s history, that is, until the current regime infested the Oval Office.

A new book being touted as “explosive” is about to be released which probes ‘ol Cankles’ quest for supreme political power.

HRC:  State Secrets and the Rebirth of Hillary Clinton purports that she kept a political hit list following her failed 2008 presidential campaign.

An excerpt from the book reveals that campaign staffers “wanted to have a record of who endorsed us and who didn’t. And of those who endorsed us, who went the extra mile and who was just kind of there. And of those who didn’t endorse us, those who understandably didn’t endorse us because they are [Congressional Black Caucus] members or Illinois [delegation] members. And then, of course, those who endorsed him but really should have been with her…That burned her.”

The Internet is littered with stories about “The Clinton Body Count”.  Whether there is truth to those stories, there is one undeniable fact:  Vincent Foster was the man who knew too much.  It was he, before his mysterious death murder who said of Washington, “Here, ruining people is considered sport.”

Que the music from The Godfather.  Every time I see this bitch I can’t help but think of her as the female equivalent of Don Corleone making offers people can’t refuse.  She’s lethal and everyone knows it.

The Hill piece notes, “Clinton aides exulted in schadenfreude when their enemies faltered.  Years later they would joke about the fates of folks who they felt had betrayed them.”
“Bill Richardson: investigated; John Edwards: disgraced by scandal; Chris Dodd: stepped down; Ted Kennedy:  dead”.   
Just who are the so-called traitors?  Senators John Kerry (now Secretary of State), Jay Rockefeller, Claire McCaskill, Bob Casey, Patrick Leahy, Reps. Chris Van Hollen, Baron Hill and Rob Andrews.

When interviewed by MSNBC about his presence on the list, Van Hollen spoke nervously, as though he were shitting his pants, describing it as an “unsolved mystery.”

And Claire McCaskill?  Oh, she’s champing at the bit with a quick endorsement of “Hitlary” during these first months of the non-campaign “campaign”.  She wants no part of having someone easing a horse’s head in her bed in the middle of the night and awaking to the horror.

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