Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Anthony Weiner AKA Carlos Danger Forced To Take New Head Shot Photo For His Campaign Website

As NYC mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner admitted he's been sexting after his 2011 resignation from Congress in a press conference on National Hot Dog Day, his wife Huma Abedin is seen looking stiffer that Weiner’s schlong as she does her husband’s walk of shame.

After the presser, Weiner apologized to his wife, via Twitter, by sending her a picture of “Lil Carlos” with a sad face on it.

And here’s a letter via Necropolitan Sentinel that sums up my feelings precisely:

          Dear New York City: 
I've never liked you. You're loud and obnoxious and you smell bad, and yet you demand that the rest of us acknowledge that you are the greatest metropolis to have ever graced the planet with your presence. I admit that I felt bad for you–you could even say I was outraged–when Islamist crazies attacked you, but then you elected a man determined to try to become America's Tinpot Dictator and I remembered why I disliked you in the first place. Your grittiness, "crazy" personalities, corruption, and obsession with superficial signifiers and power are repulsive and destructive. If you decide to elect a compulsive and narcissistic dick-Tweeter and serial liar for mayor or any other public service position, from that point on, you can go the way of Detroit for all I care.
A Flyover Countryman

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