Friday, April 6, 2012

A Dumb Bunny Know Nothing

There’s an old adage asserting that even a blind pig can find a truffle once in a while—the point being that every so often someone says something absolutely spot on.

Writer, actor, economist and lawyer Ben Stein got it right in his documentary Expelled:  No Intelligence Allowed and he gets it right again in his American Spectator piece, A Know Nothing.

What else besides the Constitution does Mr. Obama not know?

Here, in outline form, is why the pronouncements from President Barack Obama, warning the Supreme Court to not overturn Obamacare are so chilling:

1. The President supposedly went to Harvard Law School, graduated from same, was Law Review President of the Harvard Law Review at Harvard Law School. Then he supposedly taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago. Those are powerful law schools. Yet he obviously knows little of how the Constitution works if he thinks it would be rare or startling for the Supreme Court to overrule a law passed by Congress.

2. If he does not know how the government works under the Constitution, he should not be President.

3. If he does not know how the Constitution works even in its broadest strokes, what else does he not know?

4. Is he really so arrogant that he thinks he can lecture and threaten the Court? This is his second attempt to bully and demean the Court. Is this from arrogance or from foolishness and arrogance? In either case, it is not good.

Stein opines that he, Obama, apparently thinks that it's his job to leave Western Europeans and Americans stripped of missile defense. He apparently thinks it's his job to unilaterally disarm America. That shows a yawning chasm in what he knows and what he does not know.

Another subject Mr. Obama thinks he knows about and doesn't is the oil companies. He hates them. Why does Mr. Obama hate them? Because of a juvenile, City College of New York circa 1937 leftist view of the whole world. Sad. Disturbing. That is a highly anti-American worldview.

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