Friday, January 6, 2012

Right Jabs For January 6, 2012

Last weekend I cancelled a trip to visit my friend who recently had back surgery because I got sick, yet again, with a case of the crud.  After a round of antibiotics, I am feeling better and will  pack up the car and the dog and hit the road.
I leave you with these links to some of my blogger friends that should hold you over until I return to watch my beloved Alabama Crimson Tide go head-to-head with LSU in what I dubbed “Slobberknocker Redux.”

I bet Pat of And So It Goes In Shreveport, $100 that the Tide would whoop some Tiger tushy.  She accepted the wager, but following her ill-advised “trash talk” I upped the ante to $200.  Strangely, Pat never responded.  If you’re scared girl, just say so.

Have a great weekend, folks.  Roll Tide Roll!

Herewith, the right jabs.

The phrase "the tide of war is receding" is guaranteed to go down in history as one of the top ten stupidest things ever uttered by a Western leader, along with "Peace in Our Time!" and "We can do business with Mr. Hitler."
Obama is off the rails here. Off the track.  Jumped the shark.  FUBAR.
Bugs Bunny can’t sign petitions can he?
For shits and giggles:  The USS Barack Obama
Evidence of my disdain for the little buzz saws with furry tails, I found this to be funny.
The punch should be poisoned.
The best text message you can send all year.
Open letter to Senators Warner and Webb.
The North Carolina Association of Teachers is having a hissy fit.
 …blindly flailing, with nary a thought nor a plan nor even a wisp of such things as he twitches from one random decision to the next like a zombie surrounded by cattle prods?


  1. Hey, Curmudgen, looks like Mother Nature News liked one of you Obama/Volt photoshops:

  2. Not scared but Mr. SIGIS has capped my gambling habit. I'll hold at $100!

  3. @Pat Austin,

    Good thing he did. Pity though...Wounded Warrior Project could really use the 200 bucks. They'll be thankful for the $100 I'm sure.



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